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The Adolescent and Adult Language & Literacy Clinic (ALL)provides support for individuals who struggle with speaking, listening, reading and writing.We provide comprehensive assessments in the areas of spoken language, reading, and writing. We make detailed recommendations for treatment and necessary academic accommodations. We also offer intervention services to address spoken and written language needs. 

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The Communication Group for People Who Stutter is sponsored by the Department of Audiology, Speech Language Pathology, and Deaf Studies & the Speech, Language, and Hearing Center at Towson University.

Adults who stutter (or exhibit other fluency difficulties) are invited to attend monthly evening meetings with fellow clients and other people who stutter. Faculty, clinical staff, and speech language pathology students provide assistance with fluency enhancing and stuttering modification therapy techniques, maintenance, and an opportunity for group support. The group is open to anyone and the cost is free.



The Social Skills Group for School-Age Children program is designed for children ages 7-10 who are challenged in recognizing and applying the concept of flexible thinking and social cooperation. These children may have average or near average spoken language skills but require instruction and practice to achieve successful social communication. Social skills are practiced in a fun and interesting learning environment.

Goals will target improving behaviors such as:

  • Using flexible thinking
  • Using whole body listening
  • Using conversational turn taking
  • Following social rules
  • Understanding social expectations and socially acceptable behaviors

Does your child:

  • Have difficulty making and maintaining friendships with peers
  • Have ridged thinking behaviors and become overly stressed when situations do not go his way
  • Have difficulty compromising and showing empathy towards others
  • Have limited awareness of personal space and social comfort zones

We offer two programs which target specific goals to the needs of the group:

  1. The Year-round program meets once a week for an hour and a half during the Fall and Spring semesters
  2. The Summer program meets twice a week for two and a half hours for six weeks in June/July. This intensive program utilizes the “Superflex…A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum” 



The Stroke Survivor Group at TU is a group dedicated to providing education, support, and networking for stroke survivors, caregivers and their families and friends. Participants include stroke survivors, their families and friends, and health professionals interested in stroke recovery.

The group meets 4 times each semester (Fall and Spring) and holds 1 social event during the summer. Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 8 pm. There is a general topic of discussion. A featured speaker or members of the group may lead discussions. Participants have an opportunity to meet and socialize with other stroke survivors, family members and friends. Refreshments are served.


The Therapeutic Program for Preschoolers was designed to provide a speech and language rich therapeutic environment to preschool aged children with communication challenges.

Speech and language skills are facilitated throughout the morning of activities including circle time, story time, craft activities, gross/fine motor activities and snack. Each child has an individualized treatment plan to target his or her specific speech, language and social needs. Occupational therapy services are incorporated into the program to increase sensory motor skills, increase fine motor abilities and facilitate participation.

Goals targeted throughout the program include:

  • Improving comprehension of language including following direction
  • Improving formulation of language including vocabulary and utterance length
  • Improving speech production and overall intelligibility
  • Increasing appropriate play and interactions with peers
  • Increasing fine, gross and sensorimotor skills

This program is offered for two or four days a week in the Fall and Spring. An intensive Summer program is also offered in June/July. 



Are you experiencing a problem with your voice?

  • Has your voice been hoarse, raspy, or breathy for more than three weeks?
  • Do you often feel that your voice feels tired or strained, particularly after talking in a loud voice for an extended period of time?
  • Do people ask you what's wrong with your voice?
  • Is your voice problem affecting your professional or personal life?

The Voice Clinic at the Towson University Speech, Language, & Hearing Center offers voice evaluation and treatment services, under the direction of Dr. Celia J. Bassich, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, who has over 25 years of experience in working with persons who are experiencing a voice problem.

We also offer seminars and voice consultations to maximize vocal wellness and assess at-risk behaviors in persons such as school teachers, clergy, lawyers, salespersons or telemarketers, cheerleaders, coaches as well as others who frequently speak loudly for prolonged periods of time.

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